Company Holiday Party Etiquette- How to NOT get fired...

The holidays are finally here! Holiday parties have started for Gold Coast Events Co. We have hosted many events and till this very day, we have seen it all. If you have already attended and witnessed your coworkers in action or missed it, I ensure you that you will hear all about it the very next day through the grapevine. If your party is coming up, here are a few tips.

The number one reason why people misbehave is due to the liquor they consume. Some employees may get carried away with the fascinating idea of the famous “open bar”. Let’s not forget that some companies sponsor the crème de la crème “top shelf” liquor and spirits. So let’s give you the DJ and event planners point of view and how not to get fired at your holiday company party.

Firstly, please don’t get so wasted that a picture of you becomes a meme. Memes makes you a f-list celebrity in which you will never be able to live down that embarrassing moment. Next, lets dress tastefully conservative. Professionalism needs to stay intact! Guys, please remember- after a few drinks, now is not the time to be grinding away on the dance floor with Becky from Accounting. As for the ladies, please stay away from the scantily clad low-cut or anything provocatively binding. We have seen it all, plus you run a high risk of receiving unwanted attention! You already know who’s eyes will be over those ass-sets the next day.

Lets go ahead, get tipsy, but don’t be a drunken mess. You will most likely be in the presence of senior leadership, so class should still be upheld. If you still want your job the next day, do not go streaking down the hallway with only a Santa hat on. Let’s also steer clear of any make out sessions in the stairwell or in any corner. Office drama spreads like wildfire!

If you are unsure how to act, give me a call to my direct line. If you need us to step in and bring your party to life, give us a call. Gold Coast Event’s Co. will give your company the best party experience ever and make your holiday party memorable.

Contact Fox today…Happy Holidays- Cheers

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