5 Tips For A Successful Wedding

What makes a successful wedding? If you have never planned a wedding before, you probably thinks it includes a little cake, food, liquor and music right? If you were to ask a couple that has gone through the wedding planning process, you would find out that it is far from simple. However, if you stick to a few key areas, your big day will be a great success and leave your guests with an amazing impression.

  1. It is important to remember that you are throwing a party. A party is nothing without guests. Be sure to consider what kind of party you want to have. Think twice about inviting party poopers or those with negative attitudes or vibes. If you want to have a packed dance floor and a party that goes till the end of the night, be sure to invite the people you know can make this happen. As long as they’re your friends, it’s a win-win.

  2. Next, the ceremony. Let’s get creative! Do not draw it out longer than it is supposed to. Let’s keep it moving with a short and sweet blessing. Your guests are actually thinking about the food and liquor at the cocktail hour at this time so a condensed ceremony will be appreciated.

  3. Next, the reception. Let’s face it, it’s the only reason people attend a wedding ceremony at all. We all love to party and wedding receptions tend to be the greatest parties of all. Setting the mood for your reception is key. One of the best ways is to do this with a lighting scheme. Tinted hues of violet and blue add sheer elegance to any room. Your guests will feel like they are in for a great time in a luxurious space.

  4. On to the favorite part of every wedding, the food! Whether you are having a cocktail hour or not, you want the food your serve to do more than just look good, it absolutely must taste good. It is important to focus on having food you know your guests will enjoy. Stick to what you know is good.

  5. Finally, the music. Music is everything. It sets the stage for an amazing and memorable party. The DJ has the power to guide the party just the way the bride and groom would like, while keeping guests enthusiastic during every moment. Investing in a DJ is major, and we happen to know a pretty good one…

Inquire about booking the package above: $3000

Sound System- Pioneer PA System w/Mic- 2x2- 5k watts of power

Intelligent Lighting w/truss- 4 Moving Heads, Wireless Up-lighting to sync with the music

Stage Blocks

A la carte Party Enhancers:

Gobo- opportunity to have your message rotating on the dance floor or any wall. We can design custom monograms with your initials, names, images, and patterns to create a unique, elegant, and lasting impression. Imagine yourself dancing around your initials on a dance floor filled with a custom pattern!

Dry Ice Fog- Dancing on the clouds effect. Perfect illusion for your first dance.

Co2 Cannon- "A brides or sweet 16's favorite"

Sparklers- perfect WOW factor to turn your wedding entrance into a spectacular

"Grand Entrance!:

LOVE Signs- show your true love how much you love them!

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